Thursday, October 1, 2020


It's so odd how the internet goes.  I stopped the blog as it hadn't taken off at all about a year ago.  I checked up on it again and WOW, the chart is steadily climbing now.  It's still stinking hard to get a search engine hit on it but somehow people are finding the blog. As a bonus to all those coming over here's a not Monday anime babe.


Monday, October 7, 2019

Google Blog Experiment Over

After studying the traffic and trends online these past few weeks I can conclusively say that the major search engines have effectively removed the ability to have a fun little blog where you can monitize.  I worked shortly for one of their web checking branches/sites, was never really sure who I was working for exactly, and they were in fact doing what I though they were doing.  A web search is no longer about finding what you're looking for but what they want you to find.  Usually due to what is more advantageous to their pocketbook.

This same site was up and back down several years ago with the same MO and did great. Hundreds of hits within a couple weeks and up and off the ground in only a few days.  Currently I am getting hits from the checking site just about daily to see what kind of site it is and to verify it's not what they want people finding.  Oddly a lot of it is out of France.

Used other search engines as well and no dice.  Even more specific searches were difficult to find anything related to this blog.  More or less have to put in the exact web address to come up with anything.  At that point what good is a search engine?

So to anyone finding this (fat chance of this happening) be aware of what you can and can't find on these so called "search" engines.  They are no longer searching for you but for them.  And Duck Duck Go was no better.  Straight to sites that are popular instead of relevant.  Is this the problem with people today?  Likely.  They just go with whatever loud voice they hear out there and follow like lemmings over the cliff. (Yes I know that's not really what happens but to explain that to people has gotten tedious and it's typically what people still believe anyway and makes the point.)

And for those who still love cats. Link

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Tuesday Twins!

 Ok, so for the most part these aren't twins.  In fact I can't really say any of them are but it really does sound better in the title don't you think?

So enjoy this cool baker's dozen of babes and their bikinis.

Our pool is down for a few days so I'm not going out in mine anytime soon....